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Published September 25, 2020

Celebrate National Comic Book Day with a 'How to Draw' Livestream

Join artists Nelson Blake II, Will Sliney, and Rachelle Rosenberg for a spectacular six-hour special!

Happy?National Comic Book Day, True Believers!

To celebrate this day of fantastic floppies, heroic hardcovers, and captivatin' collections, we're diving headfirst into an epic, six-hour How to Draw?tutorial that'll take you through the entire artistic process, from pencils to inks to colors—to final product!?

Leading the way are all star artists?Nelson Blake II, Will Sliney, and Rachelle Rosenberg, as they put together a magnificent Marvel mural featuring?Thor, Jane Foster, Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Steve Rogers, and Sam Wilson. Sense?a theme?

Tune in to see how their carefully crafted efforts combine to create...?This!

Marvel livestream

Watch the stream?right here on Twitch—or on?Marvel's?Facebook, YouTube, or?Twitter!?

Keep an eye on? more! Pax et Justitia!



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